Thursday, September 9

We are family

Family is so important... wouldn't you agree? I have a very big family - a smoothie family with lots of different fruits all mashed up to make a delicious and refreshing treat and ever since I've moved back from California I get to drink up my fabulous family much more.

I took some great pictures this past weekend (back in P-ville for my sister's wedding - she looked radiant and she chose nude shoes to go with her short white dress at my suggestion - I digress) and some of my favorites were of my adorable and hilarious family.

That's my dad, Dr. Tom working on my brotha from anotha motha - J-Joe. He never wears shoes. He's 17 years-old and just started college at Simon's Rock and I am pretty sure he chose the school because you don't have to wear shoes to class.  

America's favorite pastime.

Daney wearing my shades.

There is Alexander the Gr8 who is trying to figure out what just happened with crazy Gus.

The future Shaq perhaps?

Broseph and his Mac.

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Kate said...

love!!! what an incredible family you have...