Tuesday, September 21

J.Crew catalog - my thoughts

Just got the new J.Crew catalog in the mail today and I immediately tore into it (literally if you see my ripped pages below). Here's my thoughts on what I loved and what I not-so-loved.

Knit Blazer does double duty by being comfy and put-together. I need a neutral to throw on over everything please!

I would love to be able to pull off the "just-rolled-out-of-bed-threw-this-outfit-on-and-look-totally-fabulous look" everyday.

This says "I am professional but yet I have style" Fun tights and heels - major DO.

Comfy at its finest: 
Bedhead? Check.
Livable sweater? Check.
Cozy socks? Check.
Pendent Necklace? Check.
Lived-in jeans? Check.
Moccasin boots? Check.
This equals the epitome of my perfect outfit for Sundays this fall.

Layer up! I couldn't love this more for the fall. You get hot? Take it off... just not all of it.

Some everyday cords, thick sweater and a statement necklace + layering? Heaven.

Oh god! Now this is just embarrassing. Those boots... with that dress... with that hat... and with a friggin sweater wrapped around your waist? I think not. Shaking head in disappointment. But I have to say I would love those boots, that hat, and that dress to wear separately. Ah-thank you. 

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