Thursday, June 16


Have you guys heard of A.L.C.? Gwen Stefani has been wearing it of late and I couldn't help but take note. It was created by stylist Andrea Lieberman. I can't afford it myself but I'm loving the supple fabrics and easy-to-wear/versatile silhouettes. Here's some of my favorites:


I'm obsessed with Pinterest. It's a way to organize and share all the things you love on the interweb. I love seeing what others have found and also having a place to "store" all the inspiring/awesome things I've found. I highly recommend it. 

Here are a few things I've "pinned" lately:

My favorite. Spray-painted succulents. 

Love these nails.

Cute bracelets that are super easy to make.

The sweetest cake topper.

I love this darling picture. xo

Happy pinning.

Tuesday, June 14

What are you trying to say?

It's Tuesday and Nathan is at his last class (woo-hooo) so basically I have a couple hours to do all the things I don't do when Nathan is around. Okay, that's not very much. He has seen me pick my nose, pee with the door open, dance in front of the TV for a good 30 minutes (that's my cardio btw) and heard me cough up some serious loogies. Lucky guy, I know. So instead I've decided to do a little gift registering…  without him… It's like online shopping but better. Hopefully someone gets me that pizza stone I never knew I wanted…. AND, I am really trying to avoid having to watch him debate over which steak knives to get or hold every spoon in his hand and pretend to slurp soup because that's how you can tell which set of cutlery to get. Duh. So here's where you get to see what came up when I logged in and went to the 'cleaning section'  

What is that last item, therrrre?
Yessir-y bob. One of the featured items just so happens to be a bed bug catcher. Would anyone seriously put one of those on their wedding registry? Can you imagine opening that at your shower? Errrrr… awkward.

Wednesday, June 8

Death & Rebirth of a Handbag

I am an accessories girl, plain and simple. Give me any shoe/handbag/necklace/pair of sunnies/scarf/etc and I'm one happy girl. So I was happy to read in my trusty Lucky magazine about dyeing leather. Basically buy some Tarrago dye <here>, read the directions and bam, you've got a brand new bag/shoe. 

I knew exactly what purse needed a makeover and after spending a good amount on said purse I knew that it was meant to be… and so here comes the blogpost about me dyeing my purse.

Who's ready to see some pictures!?!? Wootie-Woot!

Look at this sad sack… I mean, it's a light pink that's seen its fair share of bars. Dirty.

I decided it needed a bright rebirth. Something summery… Bright blue, perhaps?

Coat 1. It was really flippin' hard to get in all the little crevices. Notice the pink areas. Nathan suggested I leave it like this… He called it "distressed". I call it crap.

Coat 2. I used the rest of the bottle. There are some slightly pink areas still left but no one can really tell unless you inspect it. If I cared I'd throw down another 6 bucks and apply another coat, but I don't. I love it just as it is… 

Missoni + Target

Exciting news... Target is teaming up with Missoni for some home decor in Missoni classic prints. Missoni is known for it's vibrant, zig-zag patterns and I'm so excited to add a little pop to Casa de Ross courtesy of Tar-jaaay.