Sunday, June 27

So glad for bright and summery plaid


-Fly me to the moon-
-Drive thru window-
-Bay bridge the gap-
-Shot w/ an arrow-

Platypus - Wine Tour

Our second "tourist-must" on our extended vacay - wine tasting. 
...glug, glug, glug...

I found Platypus Tours on Tripadvisor and I am so glad I did! It went above and beyond our expectations. With pick-up service at our hotel to the one-on-one time we experienced with the winery owners; it made for an ah-mazing day! 

Saturday, June 26



California Dreamin'

Nater and I headed out West to see our friends get married in gorgeous Sonoma. After the wedding hoopla we stayed an extra couple of days to unleash our inner tourists. 

Our first stop:

I had been twice before but this was definitely the most memorable as we decided to take the "strenuous" trail aka up, up and UP! We were both exhausted and poor Nater lost his Ray-Bans :( 
BUT, I got some amazing shots. 

The Redwoods thrive in this National Monument

Nater investigating the wildlife

It's a banana slug! What did you think it was?! 

Resting my footsies while Nater walked back up the trail to find his Ray-Bans... No dice.

He was hoping to find a new friend... No dice there either.

Well, I could show pictures all day long but I think I might bore myself... and probably you too. I'll post the rest of the pics by posting one or two or five pics a day that I have taken with the new cam-e-ra.


Friday, June 25

Madewell - Madewell

I have been style-crushin' on J.Crew's sistah store - Madewell for awhile now and it irked me that the only place you could buy it was on or in stores in Cali/New York/aka Not-Where-I-Live. So I was thrilled to find out they got that online store up and running like I prayed for... 

Check out the cuteness:

(Who would have thought silky-slouchy shorts could be so chic?)

Thursday, June 24


Is it just me or are the contestants on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series not the biggest famewhores you’ve ever seen?!

First off, I am pretty sure Jake is gay (note the tucked in mock turtleneck and her face) and second; People how could you put him on the cover!? You are an actual reputable publication… (well at least compared to In Touch and Star Magazines). Get it together!

Thursday, June 10

I take pictures. Photographic pictures.

I splurged and got one them fancy cameras. I start a photography class on Tuesday so I had to get the required supplies, right?! Right.

My first pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The plan is to take'er out and about this weekend and really get my feet wet! Eeeeeeeeeeee......... I'm excited.

A huge thank you to Mr. Apple for being a fabulous model. Work it!

Sunday, June 6

It Might Get Loud

I highly recommend this documentary with Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White discussing the electric guitar.

Music is what feelings sound like

Without music, life would be an error.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
Nater and I saw The Black Keys on Friday night. They were superb and it reminded us both how much we love live music.

Livin' it up in the ATL

Our decision to go visit Kev & Em in HOTlanta for our first vacay was one of the best we've made together.

K&E have this adorable little abode in Candler Park. They are a walk away from Little 5 Points and a short drive from downtown.

Nater and I were in love with the houses and their BIG front porches.

We took walks around the neighborhood... ate delicious food... and soaked up the culture of the inhabitants.

We went to the Highland Inn Ballroom to see "the growing indie electro movement of Atlanta". Artists were also scattered throughout oozing creativity. 

Krystal's for lunch and a scrumptious dinner at the Atlanta Fish Market completed our trip.

Thanks K&E for an amazing and memorable trip! xo