Friday, April 23

Shamelessly, I look good in hats

... and because I do; I went out to Target during lunch and bought myself the mint green Eugenia Kim hat... Couldn't help myself because I look good in hats, duh... well, and because I wanted something new to wear when Nater's 'rents meet my parental units (totally Nater's doing btw).

But the reason I bring it up is I am digging mint green.

Thursday, April 22

Did you miss me?

Hey dudes. Sorry I've been MIA but that happens... I have no idea how other bloggers post 3-4 times a day... besides the ones that get paid a buttload because they rock and don't have a 9 to 5 job... but those other bloggers; they amaze me.

So let's check out some great pics from my trip to Minni-So-Duh.

Oh yes! I made one of these.

Check out the car behind us - we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. Boo!

A view of downtown from our "hotel"

Welcome to Target, MN.


We took advantage of the gorge weather with a walk around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Did I mention we ate A LOT??? The Monte Carlo's wings are a must.

Guacamole was out of this world.

I had fun if you couldn't tell.

Thursday, April 8

Oh you be trippin' yo.

Nater and I are road-trippin' it up to Minnesota tomorrow and we are packing an apple...
Nater and I are road-trippin' it up to Minne-soda tomorrow and we are packing an apple and a book, (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See)...
Nater and I are road-trippin' it up to Minnesota tomorrow and we are packing an apple, a book, (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See) and Corn-Nuts...

I'll finish this list later. I need to pack now.

Bon Voyage.

Tuesday, April 6

Accessory after the fact.

Ring Ding Dong


I have a lot of hats. Not only do I look good in them but they are perfect for those days where your hair hates you and you decide to punish it by putting on a hat... yep, perfect for those. Soo... when I saw over at oh Joy! that the fabulous Eugenia Kim was designing a line for Target (coming April 18th) I shrieked with delight. Joy's got a sneak peek so go and then come back, Mm-kay?

Sunday, April 4

Get on your dancin' shoes.

I bought some new shoes at Bob Jones... they are sparkly and tall and make me want to dance!

Eggstra Bunny please

Happy Easter, Bunnies!

As you eat your chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and marshmellowy Peeps check out what you could have been doing with them instead:

Inspired by the fabulous movie: Up!

The Washington Post's Annual Peeps Diorama Contest is one thing I look forward to during Peep season... Check out all the Finalists here!