Friday, February 26

Clean up, aisle 5

Look-see what Nater and I just bought...

Isn't she puuurrrrty!? This is my attempt at getting out of my "artsy" depression. My thought is, if I can get organized and have a place to keep things, it will lead me to once again start "creating". Fingers Crxssed!

The Tot is just happy my sh*t won't stuck in the corner anymore. Thx GT!

Second Chances...

Not gonna lie; when I saw Joel McHale was going to have a show be part of my fav comedy lineup (NBC - Thursdays); I couldn't help but squeal a little bit. He's such a tall drink of water that makes me laugh so maybe a tall drink of water with bubbles?... I guess Pellegrino? Annnnyway... of course I tell Nater we must check it out; to distract him from my crush on J-Mac I tell him it also stars Clark Griswold himself; Chevy Chase. We sat down to watch the pilot and to say it sucked would be an understatement. I cried myself to sleep that that night and lost a little fondness to my favorite cable TV host with the most. Sigh. But then a few weeks back Nater and I happened to watch another episode i.e. neither of us wanted to find anything else on TV at the time and *shocker* it was awesome. The characters are now developed, the writing is smart, and my heart flutters once more for Mr. Joel McHale. I guess some things do deserve a second chance… but most of the time they don’t. Just sayin’…

Oh... and did I mention this little nugget is on the show??? Mmm-Hm!

Royally screwed...

Kansas City has outdone itself in getting national notoriety. Way to go Sluggerrrrrrr....

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weeeeeeeeinnnnnerrrrrrrrr...

Sunday, February 21

Jayhawk talkin', walkin', and stalkin'...

Numero Uno, baby!
1 bucket o' FLAMING wings, 2 buckets o' beer... a winning combo.
We managed to take the #1 spot in Photo Hunt. Yeah Team Wrinkle!
This dude said he had just gotten released from prison THAT day and needed $0.50 for something "Tas-TEEeee". I spent all my money on Photo Hunt. Sorry dude.

Cab ride home.

Friday, February 12

How much is that doggie in the window?

I have a problem. I have puppy envy and it's getting hard to control.

It started about a month ago after Nater and I had watched Sadie. This led to us discussing what kind of dog we'd like when we get a house with a yard (my pick: English Bulldog; his pick: Boxer. But even if we go the mutt route we still want one small dog and one big dog) and subsequently everytime I see an adorable pooch or even hear all about the cuteness doggies possess I get a rush of puppy envy. To make matters worse Courtney posted about Erin Vey, dog photographer, who captures the personality of every dog she shoots. I can't stop daydreaming about squeezing these smooshy faces! Eeeeee....

Can I have it??? Purrrrrrrty Pleeeeeazzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, February 11

Warming my cold black heart...

I have nevah, evah been one of those girls that celebrates Valentine's Day. I mean, sure I "celebrated" by making sure the dude took me out to dinner (free meal/date, hello?!) but I never was one to give a gift, a sappy card, or chocolats. That was of course before my first V-day with the Nater. He made sure to make a big deal of it; waking up and immediately giving me delicious chocolates, a hilarious card, and a really thoughtful gift in bed, then spending the day with me at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, reservations for two at a secret location, and lots of kisses and hugs of course. It may be a "Hallmark" holiday for some but since converting I've never been more excited about Saint Valentine's Day with my Goob.

Me sportin' my very sweet Vday gift.

RIP Lee "Alexander" McQueen

Your legacy lives on with all the fabulousness you gave to the fashion world.

Saturday, February 6

Little Bunny Foo Foo...

Nater has given me an endearing nickname that seems to follow me around somehow, somewhere... I check my email and BAM! there is an adorable bunny staring me in the face.

Exhibit A:
DailyCandy Newsletter on Wed, Feb 3rd.

Exhibit B:
Then DailyCandy led me to Fuzzy Bunny.

I just want to cuddle it's whittle face in my hands.

Thursday, February 4

You had me at Pajama.

Are you soooo lazy busy you can't change your clothes to go to bed or when you get up? Well do I have something for you; Pajama Jeans! They look like jeans but feel like you're wearing pajamas! Genius! Sadly I pretty much own a pair of these... They're called Jeggings! Peace in the Middle East!

Celebrity Doppelganger - Bizarro Edition

I found Kim Kardashian's Celebrity Look-a-like!!! Who would have thunk it would be my girl Snooks Snickers Snucks Snooki!? It must have taken Inside Edition a lot of time to scrape the makeup off and deflate her faux Bumpit.
Before the intervention:

After the magic of Inside Edition:

Under the sea... Where we are free

I am soooooo looking forward to spring; especially hearing we are expecting a butt-load of snow (Boo!) So, Bobbi Brown has a cure for my winter blues. Her new Cabana Coral collection is packed with peachy-pink lovliness for your lips and cheeks that will have you wishing for a beach, pronto!