Thursday, February 11

Warming my cold black heart...

I have nevah, evah been one of those girls that celebrates Valentine's Day. I mean, sure I "celebrated" by making sure the dude took me out to dinner (free meal/date, hello?!) but I never was one to give a gift, a sappy card, or chocolats. That was of course before my first V-day with the Nater. He made sure to make a big deal of it; waking up and immediately giving me delicious chocolates, a hilarious card, and a really thoughtful gift in bed, then spending the day with me at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, reservations for two at a secret location, and lots of kisses and hugs of course. It may be a "Hallmark" holiday for some but since converting I've never been more excited about Saint Valentine's Day with my Goob.

Me sportin' my very sweet Vday gift.

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Megan said...

Barf! I'm jealous! :)