Thursday, September 30

Lesser is better

Today was a good day. Went to therapy and kinda felt like we'd gotten somewhere - it's hard opening up to a complete stranger if you know what I mean. It's nice feeling a little less discombobulated

The best part of the day was my drive home after therapy where Nater gave me this little gem (which makes me smile from the top of my tippy top all the way down to my little piggies just thinking about it):

"I'm really proud of you for going to therapy. It makes me love you even more that you would do this for yourself."  

Thanks for the support and unconditionally love (and the happy tears).


It seems the older you get; the harder it is to carve out some time for a get-together with the girls. With more commitments at work and the addition of boyfriends/husbands and children all seem to make it that much more difficult.

My gal pals and I have been using Doodle to help us narrow down a date for our next Happy Hour dish-fest. It allows for everyone involved to select what dates they are available and what dates they are not, thus easily allowing you to see the date that will work for everyone! Easy, quick and to the point.

 We typically hit up a restaurant for a little food and vino action on our girly nights but I’m starting to reconsider with all these great ideas from Thursdays. Their motto: “cooking, crafting, girl time”. Their themed Thursdays (think Lazy Thursday and Elastic Waistband Thursday) will help you and your gals break out from the norm with recipes and crafting ideas. Now if only we could pinpoint a date!

And yes, this is exactly what we look like when we get together...

Sunday, September 26

Plaza Art Fair = therapy?

I went to the Plaza Art Fair. Nater and I went Saturday night but it started to rain so we retreated to a dry bar for the night. I went by myself because Nater had to go watch the Chiefs win. Wootie Woot! Going by myself to anything with people around is huge for me; since I have high social anxiety. But I had this plan in my head; just go and ask people to take pictures of their amazing artistry. Easy. Simple. I got this... Right?
ANNNDDDD this is when the thoughts came and overtook my cheery demeanor - People will find me annoying and in the way. I am sure they don't want people taking pictures of their work. Maybe I shouldn't even take my camera? - These thoughts went on for awhile but I decided to just go out with my camera anyways. No pressure on talking to anyone though... Baby steps.

You caught me. Sigh. I did get some good pics even if they weren't of any amazing art at the ART FAIR! Sigh.

This dad and his son were pretty cute.

He saw someone else's balloon and was yelling at dad to look up.

It was a smoky scene. My hair smells like smoked meats which I'm hoping will get Nater to snuggle with me tonight. 

I loved this dog. He had a balloon of his very own. Then I noticed something else in this pic. Lets take a closer look, shall we???

Huh. Looks like someone decided to make it a fashion show! 

Yes it is. :)

I saw tons of dogs. They were all enjoying getting lots of attention.

This guy seemed to pose for me which I was very appreciative of. 

This is with the camera sitting in my lap and I just snapped the pic. I quite like how it turned out. Maybe I should do that more often?

This little girl wasn't sure about me. I don't blame her. The crazy part is her parent's were giant! I mean, they were very tall people. Don't believe me?

They are an adorable family; that's for sure. 

The Plaza is such a beautiful and historic part of Kansas City.

I was wondering if this girl has a blog too. Or maybe her boyfriend just likes taking pictures of her?

These dogs were gorgeous and regal. I had to look up their breed

I was sitting in this spot enjoying a Jack Stack pulled pork sandwich and a refreshing Boulevard Wheat and noticed this guy getting a "tattoo". I didn't realize you could get a huge back tat at the art fair. While I pondered this sight I took a nice big drink of my beer and set it back down. As soon as I felt the concrete I let go thinking it had made it to its final destination. WRONG! I had inadvertently set it on the crack between the sidewalk and the curb. Wah Waaahhhh! I yell out "Son of a bitch!" (my Grandpa would have loved that) and shake my head in disappointment. Then I hear in a pint-sized voice "What happened??". I look up to see a 5 or 6 year-old in his mom's arms with a concerned look on his face. I of course mouth a huge "SOR-RY" to the mom but I don't think she cares and I'm suddenly overcome with the fear everyone is looking at me and shaking their heads at the foulmouthed crazy lady. I am sure it would have been different if I was with someone else - to laugh and make fun of the situation - but there wasn't anyone to reassure me so I gave in to stupid an-zziii-ity. Well, I think I can at least give myself an A for effort on going to the fair by myself for awhile. 
Oh, and don't worry I got a pic of the killer tattoo before I walked home...

Awwhhhh.... wwwwhhat is that?

Uhhmmmm.... Kewl?

Saturday, September 25

I heart it.

I remember when I first saw Cee-lo. He was on that MTV show My Super Sweet 16 (yes, I actually watched that show) throwing his spoiled daughter one helluva bash. Back then he was just Cee-lo the producer and hadn't yet hit it big as half of the catchy-as-hell Gnarls Barkley. Who doesn't love the song Crazy?!
He's got a very distinct voice and catchy lyrics that suck you in every time. In fact, I am currently obsessed with his new song and the equally awesome video. I heart it. Check it out for yourself. 

Thursday, September 23


My mom pointed this little guy out to me last weekend. She said he had been there for a long time and she was hoping he'd stay put until we arrived. She knew I would want to take a few pictures. So I did. 

Between a rock and a hard spot


Bliggity-blog, Bliggity-blog

The thing about blogs is you have to decide how much information you want out there... do I tell you my inner thoughts and have you judge and critique my every word? Do I care? (yeah I do but lets pretend I don't) I feel like sharing with someone; is better than not sharing at all.

I started seeing a therapist. Yeah, before you start calling me crazy I already know this about myself. So why am I telling you? Well, because it's like a big sigh of relief for me. It's what my therapist calls "challenging my anxiety”. Why am I letting my anxiety get the best of me? It's been a pain in my arse for far too long so why not ask for help in managing it? In this case I think change is good. Why not start living the life I want without worrying about what others think so much? Not everyone is going to like you; not everyone is going to agree with you but if you are happy and confident then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Sooo basically I’m a people pleaser. I like when other people are happy. I have always believed this is a good trait to possess but I unfortunately take it to a far different level then most people. When I was younger I used to ask my friends repeatedly “Are you mad at me?” There was no real reason to ask this question; maybe they didn’t answer me after I asked them a question or maybe they looked at me weird. So of course that means they are mad at me! Duh. Let’s just say it got really annoying being asked this over and over again. That sounds so silly now, but that’s how I thought. I definitely am not that bad anymore but I still have a tendency to worry about people and their negative thoughts. That’s what therapy is for though… I am being mindful of myself for once and it feels pretty darn good.

I don't know how long I'll see a therapist or how much it will help but so far it's working out for me. It's all to be happy with myself so that I may be a better girlfriend, daughter, friend, sister, coworker , etc and hopefully someday a better mom.

Now, look at these pictures of people of Wal-Mart to distract you from all of the information I just divulged. *Sigh* I feel better. Thanks for listening. xo

Did she just pull her pants up over her boobs and say " To hell with a shirt!"?

Bragging rights.

Nice chops.

Advertising is far easier than you think.

Tuesday, September 21

J.Crew catalog - my thoughts

Just got the new J.Crew catalog in the mail today and I immediately tore into it (literally if you see my ripped pages below). Here's my thoughts on what I loved and what I not-so-loved.

Knit Blazer does double duty by being comfy and put-together. I need a neutral to throw on over everything please!

I would love to be able to pull off the "just-rolled-out-of-bed-threw-this-outfit-on-and-look-totally-fabulous look" everyday.

This says "I am professional but yet I have style" Fun tights and heels - major DO.

Comfy at its finest: 
Bedhead? Check.
Livable sweater? Check.
Cozy socks? Check.
Pendent Necklace? Check.
Lived-in jeans? Check.
Moccasin boots? Check.
This equals the epitome of my perfect outfit for Sundays this fall.

Layer up! I couldn't love this more for the fall. You get hot? Take it off... just not all of it.

Some everyday cords, thick sweater and a statement necklace + layering? Heaven.

Oh god! Now this is just embarrassing. Those boots... with that dress... with that hat... and with a friggin sweater wrapped around your waist? I think not. Shaking head in disappointment. But I have to say I would love those boots, that hat, and that dress to wear separately. Ah-thank you. 

Spotted Moth Boutique

Spotted Moth is an online store with pretty, sweet pieces that won't necessarily break the bank. I especially love the unique jewelry. Here are some of my favs.

A necklace perfect for a Leo like myself.


...Earrings... and...

...more beautiful earrings!

Monday, September 20

Art Deco

Art Deco
Modern elegance at its finest with these art deco-inspired accessories.
PS Love those earrings! Swoon.

Mary Jane is 1 - Preview

I had a wonderful weekend. How bout you? My wonderful friend Kate asked me to take some pictures of her daughter Mary Jane's 1st Birthday party. I haven't had time to do much with the all the photos I took but here is a little sneak peek. It just reaffirms my love for taking pictures. Enjoy!

Mary Jane's GIGANTIC cupcake. Made with love by her mom of course.

It was quite warm out so Mary Jane enjoyed her pool filled with ice and beverages.
(Love her precious bow!)

Wednesday, September 15

If I was a little bit taller...

I fell for the Mia Limited Edition Tallulah boots when I saw them in a piperlime advertisement, but I am still debating whether this trend of the over-the-knee boots would work for a 5'3 woman like myself? Do you have to be tall and lanky to pull them off?

Tuesday, September 14

The ewws...

Some more pictures in which I captured the true beauty of Iowa. 
Country "Fried" Frog, anyone? 

Madewell's Style Scout

I love Madewell (in case you didn't know). I fell a little harder when I saw that they in fact have the same eye for fashion because these are all brands that I adore and love. Check them all out here.
Madewell Style Scout

Sunday, September 12


These boots were made for walkin'...

Find the disgusting bug.
Dedicated to my sister because without her this picture would not exist.