Wednesday, December 23

Leg Love

I have a new addiction – jeggings (you know jeans + leggings) and fun tights! The great thing about the jeggings is they can be worn just like skinny jeans but are much more comfortable and don't bunch at the knee when you wear them with boots cause their skin-tight!My current fav jeggings:


ASOS: Kate Indigo Jegging - these come in petite sizes and maternity!

Nater went crazy for Hanukkah and got me 4 new pairs of flashy tights! I LOVE them!

Bare Necessities and Urban Outfitters have a lot of great tights.

Pictures to come...

Cause if you like it...

... then you should have put a ring on it!
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it

Sasha Fierce does not mess around!

I tried on a million and half dollar diamond ring last night. Sorry, let me backup. I got Nater a watch for Hanukkah/Christmas and he needed to get some of the links taken out so we headed to Tivol. While we waited, he told me I could peruse the cases and I could pretend like he was going to buy me something special… Eeeeeeeee!!!.... so of course after I pointed it out to him, we argued over the carat size; he finally asked the lady who had been helping us. It slid right on, of course, and the 10+ carat diamond glistened in the perfectly manicured light. You’d think it would be my dream ring but it was WAY TOO BIG (at least on my finger, ha!)

I've got plenty of friends who are married but there are also quite a few waiting for that bling for their fing. My coworker is patiently waiting for her boyfriend to pop the question. She knows that it's coming but the wait is killing her. He even told her he's having it made just for her (lucky girl!).

Oh and one big shout-out to Mander who had a healthy baby boy late last night; Beckett Ryan. Congrats!

Tuesday, December 22

Don't worry, be happy now.

Nater and I flipped on the tv to find the Sing-Off last night. It's pret-ty ah-mazing what people's voices can do when combined just right... My favorite part was hearing old school Boyz II Men (I wonder if the youngin's even know who they are?) and Bobby McFerrin. Jeez Bob, where have you been all my life?! Your voice can do things I never knew possible.

Doesn't he just look cooooool?

I found this cool little "Sing and Play with Bobby" on his official website. You can hear each rhythm, melody, harmony that goes into his most famous song.... so don't worry, be happy now.

Monday, December 21

The beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Here we are. My dream of blogging come true. Where do I begin? It's been a long time coming really. Lets see... my name is Ashley and I live in beautiful Kansas City, MO. I live with my adorable boyfriend Nathan or Nater-tot if we are being formal. 

He's pretty cute, huh? Yeah, I think so. 

I decided this year my new year's resolution (ha!) would be starting this here blog.   Honestly, any way you slice it I think this is the beginning of a b-e-a-uuuutiful friendship. 

  True Love <3