Tuesday, December 28

Holll-eeee-day Parrrrr-teeee

So this may have happened a few weeks ago but I couldn't help but share as it's cheerful and Christmassy. My friend Jenni had her annual Ornament/Cookie Exchange Party and it was jolly to the max. The place was decorated oh-so-lovely, there were yummy snacks, plenty of booze and loads of laughs in between.

I love this candle holder and that the wax has dripped on the poor reindeer's arse!

Here's all the ornaments wrapped up for the picking.

I love the jingle bells - festive and easy-peasy!

Add some crystal garland and silver ornaments and you have the perfect holiday table.

Me, Jenni, and Julie being merry and bright.


Miss Kate Bosworth has great style, so it shouldn't be any surprise that she has teamed up with her celebrity stylist pal, Cher Coulter to create JewelMint, a new website filled with exclusively designed jewelry all for the very reasonable $29.99! Just sign up and take a style quiz to see what the team has picked for you.

Here's some picks from my "showroom"

Monday, December 27

Wedding wedge?

Why didn't I think of this before?

Sturdy and more reliable for a klutz like me - maybe I'll wear wedges...

Wednesday, December 22

Ioway we go

We headed to my dad's a few weekends ago - actually right after we got engaged. We spent the evening of our engagement building a fort with my nephews and niece, eating one of the fish my dad caught in Canada and celebrating Hayden's 7th birthday with trick candles. I took some pics of course. Enjoy.

Kendall and Hayden putting up the walls.

Alexander, Dane, and Kendall in the fort.

Daney trying to give Alexander a smooch! Haha...

My dad trying to feed my sister some fish.

She wasn't having it so he teased poor Georgie instead.

Hayden's cake.

First attempt.

Wait... didn't you just blow those out?

Wooo... Thare she blows!

This is how my lens gets goober-fied.

Reading time with Grandma.

Do you see anything in the "backyard"?

What about now? See the deer!... NATURE!

Thursday, December 16

Brody, Jenny, Maddox & Lena

My boss is really awesome. No, I am not just saying that because she reads my blog (Hi Jenny!) though it probably doesn't hurt. Since she's so awesome and everything; she of course has an awesome family too. Duh. 

Don't believe me? Well, see the awesomeness for yourself. :)

Aren't they a good-looking bunch? Yep.

Poor Brody. Lena was jealous of Maddox and jumped ship onto Mom's lap. Brody said he's used to it. Ha.

I call this "The TV Trance". Still freaking adorable when they are watching the tele though.

Lena being Lena. She definitely takes after her momma. 

It's Cookie Time! They may or may not have been bribed at this point. 

Oh and I can't forget Stevie! Woof. 

Thanks to Jenny & Brody for letting me take a few shots. Can't wait for it to get warmer to take some more! xo

Wednesday, December 15

P is for photo

How great are these pics! True to themselves and oh so adorable! 
And can we drool over her GORGEOUS necklace!? Such an unexpected and fabulous addition.  

via {here} 

Monday, December 13

DIY before & after

I am such a fan of The Glamourai's Kelly Framel. She has impeccable style, makes fabulously funky jewelry, and is one of Coach's fab guest bloggers. My admiration grew the second I saw these DIY before & after shots she posted.

This is perfect for her dog Bunny.

Just a little paint can make a world of difference.

Sunday, December 12

Sunday, December 5

Saturday, December 4

Glitz and Glam

Oh how I love Alexis Bittar and her charming, glimmering, glitzy and glam baubles.

...and apparently the First Lady does too.