Thursday, December 16

Brody, Jenny, Maddox & Lena

My boss is really awesome. No, I am not just saying that because she reads my blog (Hi Jenny!) though it probably doesn't hurt. Since she's so awesome and everything; she of course has an awesome family too. Duh. 

Don't believe me? Well, see the awesomeness for yourself. :)

Aren't they a good-looking bunch? Yep.

Poor Brody. Lena was jealous of Maddox and jumped ship onto Mom's lap. Brody said he's used to it. Ha.

I call this "The TV Trance". Still freaking adorable when they are watching the tele though.

Lena being Lena. She definitely takes after her momma. 

It's Cookie Time! They may or may not have been bribed at this point. 

Oh and I can't forget Stevie! Woof. 

Thanks to Jenny & Brody for letting me take a few shots. Can't wait for it to get warmer to take some more! xo


Jenny said...

Don't those look great?! Aww. Thanks, Ashley.

Jenny said...

Oh, and can you tell Stevie needs a brushing? Geesh.