Friday, October 29


I think you are so very pret-ty and if you weren't so expensive I'd make you mine. 

Google image it

Pretty entertaining... I found this little task on another blog and thought it would be fun to do it myself...

Answer the following questions by posting the first image that pops up when you "google image" your answer.

Your age on your next birthday?
This is a MIG29 - I'll be 29. Kinda weird if you ask me.

 Your favorite color?
Purple! I very much love green too though.

 Your middle name?
Clare somebody or other... she's from England.

The last meal you ate?
Can you say "barf"??? The pizza I had was much better - thank you.

Your bad habit?
No explanation needed.

 Your favorite fruit/veggie?
Peaches for me...

Your favorite animal?

The town you live in?
Beautiful Kansas City

The most useful thing in your house?
I am not a fan of washing dishes by hand. Thank you dishwasher.

The name of your pet?
Nater and I don't have any pets so I chose the dog I grew up with Raven Marie... and yes, that is Raven-Symoné aka Olivia from the Cosby show pictured above.

Your most recent purchase?
I wish the necklace I bought looked like that!? Sh*t.

Something that makes you happy?
This is my family. Err...

Your first name?
Ashley... Ashley Tisdale pre-nose surgery maybe?

Your last name?
Mohr... Jay Mohr. No relation.

Thursday, October 28


More pics from Pete & Julie's...

Check out the two crazies, Nater and PEZ*. Eyeball ping pong balls from US Toy.

A different angle. On the ground like a weirdo for this pic.

PEZ's brilliant idea to create an interesting character with an odd-looking gourd and two ping-pongers.

Nater asked me to take this pic as I laid on the floor like a weirdo. I like it. :-)

*In a weird twist that I was working on posting these pics, I just found out that PEZ was in a bicycling accident yesterday. Thank god he’s okay relatively speaking (broken collarbone, broken ribs, punctured lung, and a miscellaneous list of injuries not as severe- but the fact his helmet split in two is enough to hold your loved ones a little tighter today. We're thinking about you PEZ. xo


Wednesday, October 27

Paper, rock, skizzers

Danish artist Peter Callesen uses paper as his medium, creating sculptural works made by cutting a single sheet and using only the removed paper to create figures or buildings. "My paper works have been based around an exploration of the relationship between two and three dimensionality. I find this materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form almost a magic process." It is amazing how he can create such intricacy from something so ordinary as paper.


So pretty...

Lionette makes beautiful pieces that sparkle and leave a lasting impression. Yes please!

Tuesday, October 26

Latest Obsession

I am crushing pret-ty hard on Pour La Victoire's new handbag and shoe collection! Can I show you some of my favorites??? Okay!

Love the toughness… Grrr...
Oh hello. You are like the Gap bag on steroids. I heart you.
A wedge AND they lace-up?! Brill...
I would definitely wear you.

These would make my legs look nice and looooong. ;)

You have a bow and are such a pretty color!

Can I have them all please?:)

Sunday, October 24

Pete & Julie's housewarming

It's so nice to switch things up a bit. Instead of hitting a bar or more like not staying home on a Saturday night we headed to Pete & Julie's to see all the hard work they've done on their new home. They found amazing hardwood floors underneath the old carpeting and re-stained them all themselves. Whoa. That makes me tired just thinking about it. Needless to say the house looks awesome and we had a boatload of fun! Thankfully I grabbed the camera to share some pics….

Nater and I headed over early to hang up the pom poms I wanted to finally make.

I absolutely love them... though I realize now mine were a messier version… but I kinda like them like that! So easy. Thank you Martha

Julie made yummy goodies! Mmm… 

What did we do? Well, played a little beer pong.

Oh and played Apple to Apples. Duh.

Oh and we looked pret-ty cool doing it.

My beautiful friend Julie aka the Hostess with the Mostess… Note to self: Remember to ask again where they got those great lamps.

Here's Pete showing us how smart he is… These chalkboards are such a great idea. Of course everyone wanted to write on them...

Can you guess which ones I wrote??? :-)

We had so much fun! Thanks Pete & Julie. xo

Thursday, October 21

Carson the charmer

I just love this series of photos of Mister Carson. He was definitely hamming it up for me which always makes for some charming pictures.