Wednesday, October 6

That's mine.

On Friday night we tried to hit up First Friday. We missed out on seeing the art for hunger had struck and my mood was getting rather salty. Things were a little more difficult because I was with both of the Ross twins and the two of them together is a wee bit different than just dealing with the one. So we decided to hit up Hamburger Mary’s (which apparently is a chain because Jeff Lewis and Co. went to the one in LA on last night’s episode of Flipping Out). Yes, it is pretty much one of the gayest places in KC (minus Missie B’s of course) but that didn’t bother Nater and Danny… No, no… they are completely comfortable with their sexuality and all that jazz. As we walked in; I made sure to tell Danny that it was only a matter of time until Nathan got hit on. I mean, he’s a hottie and guys and girls alike dig his manly, chiseled face.

We find a table upstairs on their roof deck and order a round of beers and browse the menu. I notice a guy – early 30s – sort of swaying to and fro right next to our table. He takes a huge gulp of his beer and turns toward Nater… and lets out a real long “Hiiiiiiiii…” with a huge smile plastered on his face. He tries his hardest to make small talk with Nater; even going so far as to flirtatiously grab his arm but he’s obviously intoxicated and having troubles putting any words together.

“Scuze me. That’s mine!” I say. He clearly didn’t hear me because all eyes were on my Tot.
“Hi! My name is Ashley and unfortunately for you this is mine. Sorry.”
“Hi… my name is Paaaaaatrick.”
I introduced Danny and Nathan and he promptly pulls his chair as close as possible to Danny (obviously marking my territory worked).

I just watched in amazement. I lived in San Fran for 4+ years and never have I once seen a gay man so blatantly go after straight guys. Of course I didn’t really hang out with straight guys in San Fran and if I did we didn’t really go to gay bars but still… it was an anomaly.

He went so far as to put his hand way up on Danny’s inner thigh. Can you say awk-ward?
The whole time I kept thinking… Why do I not have my camera!!? Ugh

Patrick was soon taken away by his friend to get some water but not before telling him "They don't suck cock!" pointing to Nater and Danny. Ain't that the truth. 

After we enjoyed our delicious burger, we headed to the Cashew and I made Nater take another round of pics... Gawd I love him!

Oh and everyone lets welcome back Fritz - aka Tot's beard. He likes to hang out in the fall and winter. 

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