Sunday, October 24

Pete & Julie's housewarming

It's so nice to switch things up a bit. Instead of hitting a bar or more like not staying home on a Saturday night we headed to Pete & Julie's to see all the hard work they've done on their new home. They found amazing hardwood floors underneath the old carpeting and re-stained them all themselves. Whoa. That makes me tired just thinking about it. Needless to say the house looks awesome and we had a boatload of fun! Thankfully I grabbed the camera to share some pics….

Nater and I headed over early to hang up the pom poms I wanted to finally make.

I absolutely love them... though I realize now mine were a messier version… but I kinda like them like that! So easy. Thank you Martha

Julie made yummy goodies! Mmm… 

What did we do? Well, played a little beer pong.

Oh and played Apple to Apples. Duh.

Oh and we looked pret-ty cool doing it.

My beautiful friend Julie aka the Hostess with the Mostess… Note to self: Remember to ask again where they got those great lamps.

Here's Pete showing us how smart he is… These chalkboards are such a great idea. Of course everyone wanted to write on them...

Can you guess which ones I wrote??? :-)

We had so much fun! Thanks Pete & Julie. xo

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Juliane said...

I love this post :) Thanks for the call out. And I cannot thank you enough for all your help! Loved the veg pizza. And I think you're onto something good with the pom poms. I hope you didn't want them back... we decided to keep them up for a while. You still have to show me how to make them!