Thursday, July 29

Mohr4me, please

Made Her Think

Love the edgy goth meets pretty princess combo that Made Her Think jewelry is all about. A few of my favs.

A ring worth taking notice of. Oh la la...

A bracelet that adds a kick to jeans or a dress. 

Earrings to not only elongate your neck but also are quite stunning. 


I am quite enjoying Starbucks new VIA Instant Coffee - especially the Iced. As much as I'd love to buy Starbucks everyday; my wallet hinders me so these are great to get my fix... especially in these hot months where ice-cold coffee tastes soooo damn good. 

Get $1 off here.

Monday, July 19

Lady Sadie Ross

Flower power

Sunday, 10.30 am - Nathan's parent's house

Oh surely it isn't that hot out yet... I'll just go take a few pictures of Sally's gorgeous flowers... 

.... Dum diddley doo, *Click, Click*.... 

*Panting and wiping sweat from my brow*



Saturday, July 17

What's cookin', good lookin'?

My sister has hit up numerous cooking classes at Whole Food's: The Cooking Studio and I finally joined her for "Welcome to Your Kitchen" where we learned how NOT to cut our fingers off while chopping veggies (the claw), having a sense of humor helps while cooking, wine is always good... oh and we learned how to cook some yummy recipes! Mmmm... creme brulee. 

Green Gazpacho

Ahi Tuna Carpaccio

Roasted Chicken w/ Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Creme Brulee

Now I just need to decide which class to take next...

Monday, July 12

Spiedini and a Tini (dog)

We had Nater's parents, plus their dog Sadie and Danny and Julie, plus their dog Riley over for dinner on Saturday. Nater made Chicken Spiedini, I made the salad, and we sampled a bottle or two of our wine from Sonoma! It was a lovely evening. xo

So while we waited for dinner to cook; I had a mini-photoshoot with Riley. She was a terrific model - no trips to the bathroom or ruining her wardrobe - she was a complete professional.



-All a blurrr-

-Dark Signage-

-Shaky Ground-

Sunday, July 11

Rainy Daze

Woke up this s'morning to the sound of thunder, lightening and LOTS of rain. Already ate breakfast in bed so I figured why not conjure up what I'd need if there were even the slightest chance I'd attempt to brave this horrid weather today.... Pretty much a fat chance of that happening. 

Saturday, July 10


Gap, is that you?! I almost didn't recognize you. Well, this is awkward.... How have things been? You look great. Birds printed on the cuff, long zipper on the back of your skinny, and jumping on the jegging bandwagon?... Someone has been doing their research. I may have to come visit you in the near future and catch up like old times.

Gaps new premium denim line Gap 1969:


-Right Angle-


-Capped off-

-The whirl of it all-