Sunday, January 30

Love to grow

How great is this idea… such a fab way to get everyone involved and participate in our union of LUURRRVVVVVVVVVE. 

I worry I'd probably kill the plant though... But anyway, do you love these pictures? ME too! Check out this awesome husband and wife duo of photographers. Gorg. Oh and if you are creative you could enter this sweet contest to get them to come to your wedding and *shoot* your special day! Love it. 

Wishing the snow away

Am I crazy? I kinda like these

They make me want the last of this snow to melt and the temps to rise so I can wear some fun shoes again. 

Oh and apparently Rachel Zoe likes them too. Speaking of Rachel Zoe… how do you think she's handling nourishing a child now that she's knocked up? I wonder how she's handling eating and not drinking coffee since that's all she did before

Saturday, January 29


When I envisioned myself getting married I thought I knew exactly what I'd be wearing and how I'd look. Then I went dress shopping with my mom, grandma, and sister. My vision of lace with a vintage feel was soon put to bed when I slipped on a simpler style. (I would share a picture but of course Nathan does occasionally look at the bliggity-blog) Of course in my head I had also envisioned a long veil that would trail behind as I took those steps toward my groom. But now I see something different. Short and sweet. 

Let me show you some pictures.

I found Sara Gabriel's veils on a whim and fell instantly. It probably doesn't hurt that every picture is gorgeous and really shows the beauty of each veil. 

I always assumed it would be long and simple like this:

But then I kind of could see something like this:

Or maybe this:

Or if we are really going for it… this:

Hmm… I guess we'll just have to wait till the dress gets in. Eeeeeeee……..


So the 5 people who read my blog have been giving me hell for not posting. I know, I know. Would you believe I was trapped under a pile of magazines waiting patiently to be dug out? Would you believe me if I said it was for my own selfish reasons? 

I do love to blog, BUT my sporadic posting is killing it for me. I have internal battles about whether anyone actually cares about seeing the latest handbag I like or a picture I've taken. I guess I shouldn't care huh? It's MY blog and I can do what I want *insert finger waving*. Maybe I should take a cue from other bloggers and devote days to specific things a la "Shopping Saturday" or "Lovin it Monday". Or maybe I should just continue rambling about whatever I want, whenever I want? 

So I ask you - the 5 people that read this - What do you enjoy about my blog? What should I continue writing about? Or maybe more importantly what were some of your favorite posts? If you don't comment then I'm going to take that as you don't give a flying *curse word* and I should come and go as I please.

I leave you with this:

My clutch holder.