Thursday, March 31

Smooth s-Nailing

So you know how I love nail polish? Well, how cute are these nail tattoos by bigRuby?!

Also, check out this nail tutorial for a reverse french manicure. Oh la la... So many color combinations I'm dying to try out.

Now if only I could find the time to paint my nails...

Friday, March 25

Rach-a-e-l Ray of Sunshine

OH Rach Ray… She has always annoyed me. With her excessive use of acronyms and Rachael Ray-isms (EVOO, GB, Yum-o, Stoup…ugh) and that obnoxious voice, sigh… true that's not really her fault but her overall demeanor is pretty irritating. She's got her own thing and lots of people eat-up her whole spiel of being the "everyday cook". Sorry, I'm just not a fan. Don't get me wrong I am not above using her recipes but I'm not going to watch any of her shows.

And why does it bother me that her name is R-A-C-H-A-EEEEE-L. Really who needs an 'A' and an 'E'?! Pick one.

Okay, now I am just finding any reason to be totally annoyed by her.

Saturday, March 19

melie bianco

melie bianco
melie bianco by Mohr4ya on

Spunky handbags at reasonable prices.

Conversion 101

I have officially started my conversion to Judaism. It's amazing. Can I tell you how good it makes me feel? Pretty darn good. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have such a supportive family (new and old). 
My FMIL (future-mother-in-law) attended my first class with me because unfortunately my class is on Thursday nights and Nater has class that night. Bumdog Millionaire. (I am just happy to know he's mad he can't attend class with me) It was like that first day at a new school so having Nater's mom there was great. Then, the following week, Danny joined me. Hey, I figure - they're twins; no one will know the difference… besides me.

Happy Purim. Booooooo Haman

Ah-mazing image from .

Friday, March 18


Best Sushi in KC. That's all I can say about Kaiyo really. Nathan grew up on this sushi restaurant and they always greet his family warmly when we come in. We took Barry and Lindsay when they were in town and I've been dreaming about it ever-since.

Look at the yummy freshness:

I especially like that I caught Nathan sending a picture of the sushi to his dad… you know; to rub it in his face a little bit since he wasn't there. 

Ivanka heels

Did you know Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, has her own shoe line? Well, she does. I quite like them. 

Thursday, March 3

Draw and fold o-vah

This is my new favorite thing to do… Draw and Fold Over…. not at work of course. Okay, maybe I did a couple on my 15 minute break. 

Do you remember these? Or maybe you are like Kristin and never did one as a kid. 

Fold the paper… first person - draw a "head"… next person - draw the "chest"… next person - draw the "legs"… next person - draw the "feet"… Unfold the paper for the finished "Thing". Love it.

Now go do it. Send it to me if you want and I'll fill out part of it for you -