Friday, March 25

Rach-a-e-l Ray of Sunshine

OH Rach Ray… She has always annoyed me. With her excessive use of acronyms and Rachael Ray-isms (EVOO, GB, Yum-o, Stoup…ugh) and that obnoxious voice, sigh… true that's not really her fault but her overall demeanor is pretty irritating. She's got her own thing and lots of people eat-up her whole spiel of being the "everyday cook". Sorry, I'm just not a fan. Don't get me wrong I am not above using her recipes but I'm not going to watch any of her shows.

And why does it bother me that her name is R-A-C-H-A-EEEEE-L. Really who needs an 'A' and an 'E'?! Pick one.

Okay, now I am just finding any reason to be totally annoyed by her.

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