Saturday, March 19

Conversion 101

I have officially started my conversion to Judaism. It's amazing. Can I tell you how good it makes me feel? Pretty darn good. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have such a supportive family (new and old). 
My FMIL (future-mother-in-law) attended my first class with me because unfortunately my class is on Thursday nights and Nater has class that night. Bumdog Millionaire. (I am just happy to know he's mad he can't attend class with me) It was like that first day at a new school so having Nater's mom there was great. Then, the following week, Danny joined me. Hey, I figure - they're twins; no one will know the difference… besides me.

Happy Purim. Booooooo Haman

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Kate said...

i know your entire "future family" is so proud of you... what an exciting undertaking! can't wait to hear about it at our next happy hour.

Juliane said...

Haha! Happy Purim :) You should go pick up some yummy Hamantashen if you haven't yet!