Thursday, September 9

Polished and nailed to perfection

I LOVE having painted nails (not-so-much my toes because they are hideous) so of course after seeing post after post after post of beautiful nails and then stumbling upon All Laquered Up, a blog entirely devoted to nails; I knew it was time to post some truly droolworthy nail-spiration.

Crackle Nail Polish

Here's some rules when using Crackle Nail Polish from Michelle:
1. Choose a contrasting base color and make sure it is completely dry. The longer you wait the better.
2. The thinner you apply the crackle polish the more cracks you will have.
3. Crackle polish dries matte and flakes off without a top coat.

Deborah Lippman - It's all about the sparkle!

All Across the Universe

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga inspired

Barielle Launches Argyle-Inspired Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2010

Now get painting!

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