Wednesday, September 8


I was born in Des Moines, IA. That is a little-known fact about me. I also lived in Pleasantville, IA before my parent's split and my dad stayed and I obviously moved to Kansassy so my second-home has always been small-town USA, with gravel roads and plenty of bars but not one single stoplight. We have a house out in the country with a garden and a pond so I took advantage of the cooler weather this past weekend and took some pics. I'll post a few here and there so you don't get spoiled with all my fancy photographs. I would hate for your eyeballs to see so much pleasure in one sitting. Could you imagine the fireworks that would go off at the sight of my exquisite pictures. Okay, enough of that; here's some pics.
I rather like that it's dead, don't you?

Butterfly in the sky... I can fly twice as highhhh...

 I have no clue what that is... but it's creepy lookin'.

I love bark.

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