Saturday, September 11

Hammer time

I'm not gonna lie - I like having my picture taken after a couple cocktails   if they are spontaneous and there is no having to stand still, smile for 2 minutes straight waiting for everyone to get situated all while acknowledging this picture will be seen by people because it's one of those you show to everyone otherwise known as "the shot that might make the fridge". Anyway, I realize someone is taking a picture so I get self-conscious; you can tell from my forced smile and the glint of awkwardness in my eyes. I don't like taking those kind so much. But that kind of photo is inevitable so when I find those special, spontaneous, full of pure joy, "it doesn't matter who is watching" kind-of pictures - I realize how much I like to ham it up... (especially with the Tot)!

1 comment:

Kate said...

just me again... such a happy and lovely couple! :)