Thursday, September 23

Bliggity-blog, Bliggity-blog

The thing about blogs is you have to decide how much information you want out there... do I tell you my inner thoughts and have you judge and critique my every word? Do I care? (yeah I do but lets pretend I don't) I feel like sharing with someone; is better than not sharing at all.

I started seeing a therapist. Yeah, before you start calling me crazy I already know this about myself. So why am I telling you? Well, because it's like a big sigh of relief for me. It's what my therapist calls "challenging my anxiety”. Why am I letting my anxiety get the best of me? It's been a pain in my arse for far too long so why not ask for help in managing it? In this case I think change is good. Why not start living the life I want without worrying about what others think so much? Not everyone is going to like you; not everyone is going to agree with you but if you are happy and confident then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Sooo basically I’m a people pleaser. I like when other people are happy. I have always believed this is a good trait to possess but I unfortunately take it to a far different level then most people. When I was younger I used to ask my friends repeatedly “Are you mad at me?” There was no real reason to ask this question; maybe they didn’t answer me after I asked them a question or maybe they looked at me weird. So of course that means they are mad at me! Duh. Let’s just say it got really annoying being asked this over and over again. That sounds so silly now, but that’s how I thought. I definitely am not that bad anymore but I still have a tendency to worry about people and their negative thoughts. That’s what therapy is for though… I am being mindful of myself for once and it feels pretty darn good.

I don't know how long I'll see a therapist or how much it will help but so far it's working out for me. It's all to be happy with myself so that I may be a better girlfriend, daughter, friend, sister, coworker , etc and hopefully someday a better mom.

Now, look at these pictures of people of Wal-Mart to distract you from all of the information I just divulged. *Sigh* I feel better. Thanks for listening. xo

Did she just pull her pants up over her boobs and say " To hell with a shirt!"?

Bragging rights.

Nice chops.

Advertising is far easier than you think.

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Jenny said...

I'm jealous you're seeing a therapist. Can I come along?