Thursday, September 30


It seems the older you get; the harder it is to carve out some time for a get-together with the girls. With more commitments at work and the addition of boyfriends/husbands and children all seem to make it that much more difficult.

My gal pals and I have been using Doodle to help us narrow down a date for our next Happy Hour dish-fest. It allows for everyone involved to select what dates they are available and what dates they are not, thus easily allowing you to see the date that will work for everyone! Easy, quick and to the point.

 We typically hit up a restaurant for a little food and vino action on our girly nights but I’m starting to reconsider with all these great ideas from Thursdays. Their motto: “cooking, crafting, girl time”. Their themed Thursdays (think Lazy Thursday and Elastic Waistband Thursday) will help you and your gals break out from the norm with recipes and crafting ideas. Now if only we could pinpoint a date!

And yes, this is exactly what we look like when we get together...