Thursday, October 21

Cuteness overload

Soooo remember when I told you that I was going to take pictures of the kiddos? Yeah, that day turned out to be kind of a failure in the professionalism department but I hope my photos redeem me. I grabbed my extra battery that morning and came to find that I ran out of juice before I could get a group shot of all of the boys together with baby pumpkins. Sigh. I completely failed there and to make matters worse Amanda gave me her camera to take some pics with (since I'm a dumbass and didn't charge my batteries) and wouldn't you know it... cameras break when they are dropped on concrete. Sigh. Luckily Amanda was understanding and let me buy her a new one. So I learned two very important lessons: 
  • Come prepared - charged batteries are a must! Duh.
  • Be more careful - utilize those straps so you don't drop anything valuable. Double Duh.
 Thank you ladies for letting me crash your playdate and get some amazing pictures of your beautiful kids. The fact they all have blue-eyes astonishes me (I'm still holding out that my eyes will overpower Nater's "pools of chocolate pudding" and be passed on to our kids) What absolute blessings.
The boys all had big personalities. How cute is Carson with his tongue out!?

We shot at Carson's house so he felt right at home.

This is Beckett, my coworker's son, who is only 9 months and is already almost walking!

I had plenty of finger smudges due to curiosity.

Such a big boy! Love it.

How sweet is baby Fletcher?!

This makes me laugh. I love his expression.

Jett is a seriously cool dude. I see him breaking a lot of hearts when he's older.

I just really like this one for some reason. :-)

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