Monday, October 18

Mr. Topher and Miss Betsy

I am very lucky that I have Kate as my friend because she gets me access to some of the cutest kids around.  I loved sharing lots of pics of precious Mary Jane but you guys must see her guests from her party! Can we say Cute Fest 2010! I would like you to meet Topher and Betsy. I didn't get one of the both of them together but you can see they are related as they share the most beautiful, BIG, bright, blue eyes. 

I love that little bit of drool. Probably because I drool all the time too!

Such a happy little guy. 

So sweet (but a little shy with the weird lady she'd never seen before) and I love her t-shirt! Chop it up!

I just love his little arm just scratching his head like "who are you lady and why are you bothering me?!" Thanks Jessie for letting me share your precious ones.

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