Thursday, October 28


More pics from Pete & Julie's...

Check out the two crazies, Nater and PEZ*. Eyeball ping pong balls from US Toy.

A different angle. On the ground like a weirdo for this pic.

PEZ's brilliant idea to create an interesting character with an odd-looking gourd and two ping-pongers.

Nater asked me to take this pic as I laid on the floor like a weirdo. I like it. :-)

*In a weird twist that I was working on posting these pics, I just found out that PEZ was in a bicycling accident yesterday. Thank god he’s okay relatively speaking (broken collarbone, broken ribs, punctured lung, and a miscellaneous list of injuries not as severe- but the fact his helmet split in two is enough to hold your loved ones a little tighter today. We're thinking about you PEZ. xo

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