Friday, October 29

Google image it

Pretty entertaining... I found this little task on another blog and thought it would be fun to do it myself...

Answer the following questions by posting the first image that pops up when you "google image" your answer.

Your age on your next birthday?
This is a MIG29 - I'll be 29. Kinda weird if you ask me.

 Your favorite color?
Purple! I very much love green too though.

 Your middle name?
Clare somebody or other... she's from England.

The last meal you ate?
Can you say "barf"??? The pizza I had was much better - thank you.

Your bad habit?
No explanation needed.

 Your favorite fruit/veggie?
Peaches for me...

Your favorite animal?

The town you live in?
Beautiful Kansas City

The most useful thing in your house?
I am not a fan of washing dishes by hand. Thank you dishwasher.

The name of your pet?
Nater and I don't have any pets so I chose the dog I grew up with Raven Marie... and yes, that is Raven-Symoné aka Olivia from the Cosby show pictured above.

Your most recent purchase?
I wish the necklace I bought looked like that!? Sh*t.

Something that makes you happy?
This is my family. Err...

Your first name?
Ashley... Ashley Tisdale pre-nose surgery maybe?

Your last name?
Mohr... Jay Mohr. No relation.


Kristin said...

i wanna play!

Ashley said...

Do it! Put it on your blog girl!

Juliane said...

I love this! And what's funny is "The last meal you ate" image was used in our team presentation last Friday... we had a funny part about the food while traveling in China/Taiwan. Our boss is Japanese and apparently this is, too (oops). In case you are wondering, this is from Pizza Hut in Japan and those are in fact 'pigs in a blanket' around the edges :)