Wednesday, December 22

Ioway we go

We headed to my dad's a few weekends ago - actually right after we got engaged. We spent the evening of our engagement building a fort with my nephews and niece, eating one of the fish my dad caught in Canada and celebrating Hayden's 7th birthday with trick candles. I took some pics of course. Enjoy.

Kendall and Hayden putting up the walls.

Alexander, Dane, and Kendall in the fort.

Daney trying to give Alexander a smooch! Haha...

My dad trying to feed my sister some fish.

She wasn't having it so he teased poor Georgie instead.

Hayden's cake.

First attempt.

Wait... didn't you just blow those out?

Wooo... Thare she blows!

This is how my lens gets goober-fied.

Reading time with Grandma.

Do you see anything in the "backyard"?

What about now? See the deer!... NATURE!

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