Saturday, June 26

California Dreamin'

Nater and I headed out West to see our friends get married in gorgeous Sonoma. After the wedding hoopla we stayed an extra couple of days to unleash our inner tourists. 

Our first stop:

I had been twice before but this was definitely the most memorable as we decided to take the "strenuous" trail aka up, up and UP! We were both exhausted and poor Nater lost his Ray-Bans :( 
BUT, I got some amazing shots. 

The Redwoods thrive in this National Monument

Nater investigating the wildlife

It's a banana slug! What did you think it was?! 

Resting my footsies while Nater walked back up the trail to find his Ray-Bans... No dice.

He was hoping to find a new friend... No dice there either.

Well, I could show pictures all day long but I think I might bore myself... and probably you too. I'll post the rest of the pics by posting one or two or five pics a day that I have taken with the new cam-e-ra.

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