Wednesday, June 8

Death & Rebirth of a Handbag

I am an accessories girl, plain and simple. Give me any shoe/handbag/necklace/pair of sunnies/scarf/etc and I'm one happy girl. So I was happy to read in my trusty Lucky magazine about dyeing leather. Basically buy some Tarrago dye <here>, read the directions and bam, you've got a brand new bag/shoe. 

I knew exactly what purse needed a makeover and after spending a good amount on said purse I knew that it was meant to be… and so here comes the blogpost about me dyeing my purse.

Who's ready to see some pictures!?!? Wootie-Woot!

Look at this sad sack… I mean, it's a light pink that's seen its fair share of bars. Dirty.

I decided it needed a bright rebirth. Something summery… Bright blue, perhaps?

Coat 1. It was really flippin' hard to get in all the little crevices. Notice the pink areas. Nathan suggested I leave it like this… He called it "distressed". I call it crap.

Coat 2. I used the rest of the bottle. There are some slightly pink areas still left but no one can really tell unless you inspect it. If I cared I'd throw down another 6 bucks and apply another coat, but I don't. I love it just as it is… 

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