Wednesday, November 3

Trick or Treat

On Saturday I went to a groundbreaking (my grandma's church)/chili-fest/trunk or treat event with my family. My sister's boys came dressed up and I was so glad I brought my camera. 

My knight in shining armor.

So handsome.


Papa asked him to say "Ahhhhh…"

I love that he plays up his cuteness for the camera.

Crazy man.

He makes taking pictures easy peasy!

I asked him to do his best "monkey"… I guess monkeys "cough". :) 

Then I think he decided to give me his best "lion". Raaarrrrrrr...

I just love this one. I like that Hayden is nonchalantly walking by in the background and Alexander is sticking his little tongue out and his chubby little fingers are resting just-so. I love my lil nephews.

Mama's boy.

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