Wednesday, November 17

Fall walkin'.

Nater and I went for a nice walk on Saturday afternoon and we snapped some pics before I had to go shoot Francie & Luke. Just thought I'd share cause I know how much you like looking at pictures. 
Right?… I can't hear you….. That's what I thought. Get ready for your eyeballs to be dazzled with a whole lotta fall.

Beautiful day for a fall walk.

He likes to take pictures too and makes me love him so :)

(Do you see the lady waiting at the stop sign with her dogs? Cute.)

Nater took the camera for a bit… Fall leaves.

I like this pic he took. It's got a very calming feeling… :)

Check out my (very messy) attempt at the fishtail braid.

Purrrrty leafffs. 

I looooooooovvvvveee fall and you are very welcome.

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Jenny said...

Lovely pics. Just lovely.