Wednesday, November 17

Francie & Luke

This brother and sister duo were a hoot and a half! Luke was startled by Nater (go figure) while Francie bounced from here to there in a matter of seconds.
I couldn't agree more when my dear friend Kate told me I captured their "spirits" in these pics.

There were very few and far between with them both together as Francie loves to move but there were plenty of beautiful moments to make up for that a little bit!

I absolutely love this one! Aww...

Her red bows and red lips. Precious.

Nater suggested we take some pics on the steps and I couldn't be more glad he did... I knew I kept him around for something! Ha.

Enjoying the fall leaves!

How cute are Luke's socks!

She plopped herself down in front of me and struck this pose! Perfect.

Big blue eyes and a smile. Looooove.

Big thanks to Sarah and Josh for letting me capture the spirit of their beautiful blessings. xo

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