Tuesday, November 30

My choice

So I am just going to put it all out there… I mean, you are going to find out one way or another. Actually I just told Nater last night but it's really my choice now isn't it? Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Lemme back up. If you fell off the planet for a few days: I'm engaged to the spectacular Nater. Yep, sure am and now that we are engaged we are thinking about getting married. Go figure. Wait, wait, wait… Lemme go back a little bit more. I was raised Lutheran and Nater was born a Jew. This has never been an issue - obviously. On our first date, we discussed religion (yes, very taboo) and I told him this really funny thing about myself; I've always believed I'd marry a Jew one day. No joke. I even told my ex that I was confused why we were together because I always thought I'd marry a Jewish guy. I couldn't even tell you why I thought this. I've never even dated a Jewish dude before the Tot so why would I think I'd marry one? Beats me. Surprisingly he didn't think I was a whackjob and now guess what? I'm marrying a Jew, my Jew. :)

So what does this mean? Well, I'm planning to convert to Judaism. (How very Charlotte of me, huh?) Not only do I want to because I respect and cherish the Jewish traditions but also there will be a time when Nater and I will have children and I want my children to be Jewish. You must read this post on the Wedding Bee because like the author Hot Cocoa, it wasn't a nagging mother-in-law (Nater's mom embraced me from the start and never asked if I was going to convert which I very much appreciated) but more for the fact that Judaism has played a very important role in the Tot's life. And like Hot Cocoa's husband, Nater met some of his closest friends in Hebrew school, at Jewish summer camp, and traveling to Israel. I want our kids to experience those wonderful things just as much as he does.

I'm not saying this decision was easy nor will the conversion process be but I know it's right for me. Nathan has been nothing but supportive and is going to help me in whatever way he can. That's why I love him. Well, one of the many reasons I love him I guess.

Of course with my whole family being "non-Jews" we will have spoiled children who get to enjoy both Hanukkah and Christmas.
I bring this up now as I am looking forward to incorporating some wonderful Jewish traditions into our wedding (the chuppah, breaking the glass, dancing the Horah etc) so there will be talk of this (and probably stuff about my conversion too) on the bliggity-blog from time-to-time. Take it or leave it.

I leave you with some beautiful moments captured at some fantastic Jewish weddings:

Mazel Tov. 


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