Wednesday, November 10

So who's slack-a-lackin'?

This guy. 

Yeah, that's me with a sweet mustache and cold brewski in my hand. Remember when I said I was doing Crawl for Cancer? Well, this is the result. I was the chick that rocked a sexy 'stache all day. 

So have you been anxiously awaiting a new post? Yeah, I have about 20 posts in my drafts at the moment but I can't seem to finish them to actually post to the bliggity-blog. Sigh. 

Bear with me, mm-kay? 

I'll leave you with some rando pics.

Uh… yeah I do.

Halloween at work. Good times with Dick.

Is it weird that we didn't plan this photo and it came out better than I could have ever hoped for? Just another Friday night @ Casa de Crazy (sans makeup no less. Zoiks!)

1 comment:

Kate said...

love the pic of you and nate AND the halloween pic -- you make a great richard simmon's fan!