Friday, November 26

Blubbering mess

It's Friday morning after Thanksgiving and since Nater had to work I have just been lounging - catching up on Glee, perusing the interweb, and bawling my eyes out! I am seriously on emotional overdrive and can't seem to put the brakes on whatsoever. 
The waterworks began with Glee. Damn that show. Thanks Kurt's dad and Finn's mom for getting engaged AND married in the same episode. Stellar. Then I came across Em's blog (thank you Facebook) with the sweet story about her recent engagement. I couldn't be more happy for them both. Nater and I actually found out about Kevin's plan to propose when we called with our exciting news last weekend but hearing the details really is the icing on the cake! Of course then after reading and using a whole box of kleenex; I look down at my finger with my blinger and my eyes well right back up. Damn. With so much love going around I am worried I'll literally combust.
Celebrating with friends on Wednesday (Thx Sharon for the iPhone pic!).

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