Monday, January 25

That party be bumpin' baby!

I couldn't have said it better...

A couple of weeks ago we stayed at Nater's 'rents casa to watch Sadie for them and it was Nater and Danny's birthday! Woot Woot!

We started with dinner and ended up wrangling some peeps over to Casa de Ross. They have the best basement for gatherings...

Birthday Boyzzzzz

Right after this photo was taken that fell in my hair

We split this bad boy. Heaven on a plate. Obviously Nater enjoyed it.

Um.... yes please.

It was my first time playing beer pong...  And yes, I went to college - I am good, ruulllly good.

This was the topic of the night - Heidi, you perplex me.

Sadie Ross

So stinkin' cute!

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Chrystal said...

Thanks for returning, makes my heart happy :)