Sunday, January 3

Mercury rising - Sushi does a body good

Last night Greg and Ashley took us out for some sushi for watching their amazing doggies, Lola and Kacey, a couple of weeks ago. It was an easy choice of where we should go. Kaiyo is both Greg and Nater’s favvvvv sushi place in KC.

I am not gonna lie - it was the best sushi I've had in a looooong time. Mmm... I wish I had some now.

Seaweed and Cucumber salads

Mmm... Larry Roll, Spicy Tuna and LOTS of Toro!

FIRE and sake.

Gregor and Ash - we know what you were doing G! Ha.

Thanks Ash and Greg! We had so much fun. XO.

PS Here is a pic of the adorable pooches I had the pleasure of taking care of, Lo and K.

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