Friday, April 8

Flower Power

The weather was beyond gorgeous last weekend… windy… but gorgeous. The Tot and I took some nice long walks and I brought my camera along for one of the strolls.

Earlier in the day I had lunch with my ma and my grandma and on our drive we noticed the lovely trees that had bloomed and my mom pointed out a tulip tree. I missed it since I was driving and I asked her to point another one out so I could see what they looked like. I then spent most of our walk specifically pointing out tulip trees to Nater even if he wasn't paying attention. 

Aren't they pretty? The petals look so heavy to me. 

I also just liked this tree with it's pale pink blooms.

I'm ready for the warm weather to stay... no more of this here one day; gone the next... I'm always happier when there's sun. Who isn't though?

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