Friday, February 25

Turtle Power

Last weekend Nathan's good friend Barry and his wife Lindsay were visiting from Colorado. (I'll have more posts of where we ate because I am still dreaming about that delish food)
Anyway, it just so happened that my FIL's were in Arizona and Danny was watching Sadie-boo so we did what any smart late-20-somethings would do… invite people over like we are in high school and take advantage of their house. While we enjoyed cocktails and conversation we had a classic movie on in the background and I'd like to share some pics... 

You remember those gross things? Tokka and Rahzar. I had to look that up, by the way.

"Darrrrrr… let's eat whatever these Ninja Turtles give us"

Mmmm… Num Nummmm...

Oh wait! Who's that in the background!?!?!

Vanilla Ice... baby!… Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

I highly recommend you watch it. 

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