Wednesday, August 18

Royals and Cicadas

Nater and I got some free tickets to a Kansas City Royal's game last week and though it was near boiling we decided the delicious hot dogs would be worth it alone.

KC gear?... check! Ridiculous sunglasses?... check! (I had to take this pre-game as I knew we would be too sweaty/irritated/hot to take any pictures after.)
So we grab our scrumptious hot dogs and head to our seats. Not 20 minutes there but a cicada flies right under my legs! So of course I've got to take a picture.
Okay one, I took a picture because I'm a complete weirdo but two because the last couple weeks when Nater and I have been going on our walks, cicadas have become a constant in our conversations. In fact, I brought one back to life. Wait, you don't believe me? Ask Nater. He saw it go down. Here we are, walking last week when we come upon this cicada... turned upside down on it's back. I immediately think dead as a doornail so I'll just have a closer look-see... As I whispered sweet nothings into its ear* it fluttered it's little wings. I'd healed him. So of course Nater and I find this amusing and start referring to me as the "Cicada Whisperer". I am sooo getting off track here... I was completely ready to use my special powers for this little fella who flew all the way up to club to see me when he decided to let out his beautiful song...
This is where this picture came from... a bit frightened from the loud "singing". He of course flew off after he gave everyone an impromtu concert.  

Aren't cicadas just strange!? Well, some people obviously don't think so...
Check out Cicada Mania. I especially like the cicada tattoos. Ew.

If Cicada Mania isn't for you then I think you'll be happy with Rachael Sudlow Jewelry based out of good ol' Lawrence, KS. She has created some beautiful cicada-inspired pieces.

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