Friday, March 12

"Cornfield Couture"???

Sharon Liese is no stranger to making "reality" television. She filmed her daughter's friends throughout their 4 years at Blue Valley Northwest High School that played on WE tv called "High School Confidential". Well, she is at it again but this time she wants to show everyone that Kansas is just as fashionable as the coasts by filming Matt and Emily Baldwin in their day-to-day life at home and with their optimum boutique Standard Style. The TV project called “Flyover Fashion" — "is to show the world that people like them can succeed at tastemaking away from the coasts." (via

I'm interested to see if it gets picked up... we may see KC on the tele once more...
Check out the full article here.

Liese (left) and Baldwin film inside Standard Style

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Kate said...

so cool! maybe you could make a cameo or two to show everyone just how fashionable kc is?!?